The start of…something. Introductory post.

Hello and welcome to this blog.

So a little introduction, my name is Mark and as you may know from the little title below the blog site, I’m a gamer living in the little island state of Singapore. I’ve had a few hobbies or passions throughout my life but video games has been with me throughout and still remains my biggest one.

So the main idea or purpose for me wanting to start this blog is not only as a means to voice or state my opinion and reactions to happenings in the video games industry but also to hopefully broaden the view on video games in Singapore.

I know that may sound a bit pretentious or overly pompous but I feel that the general view on video games in Singapore is really lacking and immature. Many here still view games as a somewhat shallow or gimmicky hobby targeted at the younger demographic. And if they do know about video games, it’s either Call of Duty, StarCraft or Halo. Though that’s still some form of exposure but there are other games that, I feel should deserve more attention.

I guess it’s probably down to the fact that Singapore is an extremely small country and as a whole, probably don’t hold any huge significance to the video games industry for companies to exert their influence here. Saying that though, there are still a few big name players setting up shop here such as Ubisoft, Tecmo Koei and Konami. And it’s being recently announced that Bandai Namco would be setting up their main Asia Pacific studio here, so things aren’t as grim.

With that said, I hope I can regularly update this blog and somewhat get something started. I’ll mostly blog about games but I might post some other random stuffs that I find interesting. And also Gundams.

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5 thoughts on “The start of…something. Introductory post.

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  2. sanshine says:

    action sia. can i bask in your limelight? and also gundams

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