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Microsoft’s Xbox One (Xbone) Reveal

The Xbox One.

After Sony fired the first salvo back in February with the announcement of the PS4, Microsoft have finally responded with their own and it’s called the Xbox One. Wow where do I start with this one…. Continue reading


Link to the Past,Present and Future(Tentative) : Resident Evil (Resident Evil 1: The beginning of a new horror)

Resident Evil

Evil Residence.

Back in March 22nd 1996, Capcom released a little known game and new IP. That game was Biohazard, better known as Resident Evil to the rest of the world. Little did Capcom know that the game would eventually become one of their mainstay franchises for years to come.

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Next Up: Things that should be coming soon

Sorry I’ve not been updating anything so far, still trying to balance work life even though when I get home now, all I do is just surf the interwebs and do nothing in general……

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Nintendo is not doing an E3 press conference this year.(They’ll still be there though)

Not this year.

Not this year.

Last week Nintendo announced that they wouldn’t be doing their traditional E3(Electronic Entertainment Expo) press conference. This was pretty surprising news considering that Nintendo is a huge player in the video games industry and for them to scale down their showing does not exactly bode well for E3 and for them. So what happened?

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