A look back at 2014 Pt.2

In the first part I wrote briefly about two of Hideo Kojima’s games namely Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and P.T./Silent Hills and what I thought of them. In this part, I’ll talk about what I thought were some of the disappointments of 2014.

Insert Doge meme here

Watch Dogs wowed(Wow.) gamers everywhere with its amazing reveal back in E3 2012. It offered a glimpse of what the next generation of gaming consoles could do. And the idea of a persistent open world with other players running amok in a city controlled by networks of systems sounds at the very least captivating. But it was also this hype and promise that this game made it into one of my disappointments of 2014.

Now don’t get me wrong, Watch Dogs is by no means a bad game. The shooting was decent, the driving was decent and the game ran fine too but that was the problem. Nothing stood out, it was just decent. It didn’t turn out to be the game everyone had hoped for. Some side missions got repetitive and the hacking aspects were slightly underwhelming. As many others have mentioned before, it felt very much like a poor man’s GTA with hacking thrown into the mix to try to differentiate it from the pack. Hopefully with a sequel, they can improve on what is a solid base and make something truly spectacular.

So much potential here

Destiny. Where do I even begin with this game. Destiny is something like a drug or to a lesser extent junk food. You know that it’s bad but it makes you feel good and you enjoy that short moment of pleasure and you want to keep going back to it. Destiny as a shooter is very very good and if it proves anything it just goes to show that Bungie are masters at making a shooter. Destiny as a game however, had some questionable design decisions that hampered the game in my opinion.

Destiny was supposed to be this MMO shooter where you could explore and travel to various planets. Discovery and Adventure were key values for Bungie when creating this game but that was what was lacking in Destiny. There was a sad excuse of an Adventure with its bad story and the planets were void of life as it was just populated by the same respawning enemies. Sure you could see the occasional player riding about in their vehicles and the random public events whilst exciting in the beginning, quickly grew dull. There was simply no sense of discovery and adventure.

One of the more controversial decisions that Bungie made was to limit the end game raids to friends only. Meaning that if you don’t have 5 other friends with Destiny, well too bad. Or maybe you could just get good. Bungie’s reasoning for placing this limitation was because players would need coordination and planning in order to clear the raids and as such, raids would only be limited to friends because it would be easier for friends to communicate and plan. That’s a fair point but why limit a player who wants to try the raid out even if it’s with other strangers? Where’s the social element so uniquely found in MMOs? Why are  you limiting your paying customers because of the way you think your game should be played? There’s too much to talk about Destiny right now but it’s definitely one of the more polarising games in 2014. It’s a shame really, because Destiny is so fun to play.

Bugs. Bugs everywhere.

While both Watch Dogs and Destiny were disappointing, they weren’t bad games at all. Assassin’s Creed : Unity on the other hand is to put it kindly, a sham. Ubisoft decided to release two Assassin’s Creed games this year where one would be built for last generation consoles (PS3/360) and the other built specifically for the current generation consoles (PS4/Xbox One). Unity was the one that was supposed to be the next big leap for the series but it was anything but that. What was looking to be a really fun and exciting game turned out to be a buggy unplayable mess. Horrible frame rates along with game breaking bugs undoubtedly made Unity the most disappointing game last year.  It’s been a while since I’ve actually seen a AAA game from a big name publisher be this unpolished and awful.

I was really really looking forward to this game as well after skipping last year’s Black Flag. Oh well maybe they’ll make the next one better or at the very least playable.

And with that ends part 2. Do check back soon where I’ll be looking at some other things that aren’t gaming related.


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