A look back at 2014 Pt.4

Step aside Ono and Kojima.

So here we are, this is the last part of this looking back series.

Ryu is making the PS4 and PC his home for this cycle.

I grew up playing Street Fighter but only casually with friends and relatives but when Street Fighter 4 was released for home consoles in 2009, I was hooked. On the surface it may be just two virtual characters punching each other into submission but underneath all that is a really deep meta game. Street Fighter 4 made me view the whole fighting game genre in a completely different light and made me appreciate it as a competitive game a lot more. So when news leaked out that the next instalment of Street Fighter was in development, I was understandably hyped for it. But what was even more of a megaton surprise was that the PS4 would be the only home console that the game would appear on. Sony really scored a huge one over Microsoft here by securing exclusivity for such an established franchise. It was unfortunate however, that the announcement trailer was leaked prior to the official announcement because it would have made a much bigger impact. With crossplay announced between PS4 and PC users, this will unify the player base which will only benefit the players.


The internet very nearly exploded.

This next moment will probably go down as one of the most troll-iest moment in video game history and I’m not even exaggerating. During the PlayStation Experience conference, Shinji Hashimoto(the guy in the first picture) came on stage for an announcement. Was it going to be a new Final Fantasy 15 trailer? Perhaps a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer? Or maybe even a new IP? Or hey maybe it’s that Final Fantasy 7 remake that will never happen. So when the name Final Fantasy 7 came out of Hashimoto’s mouth, alarm bells started ringing. I was thinking “There’s no way this could be THE remake….. right?” And when the above picture flashed across the screen, I was literally freaking out. I was watching this conference live with a friend and he nearly had to call an ambulance. The trailer started out showing the old Final Fantasy 7 on the PS1, familiar scenes and familiar characters we all grew to love were shown. This carried on for a while and I was thinking “Alright now they are going to slowly transition it into the new graphics.”. The trailer carried on and on and then it slowly dawned on me. This is just the re-re-release of Final Fantasy 7 on PC that is making its way to the PS4. I was just trolled and I didn’t know how to react after that, I was quite literally at a loss for words. Shinji Hashimoto just laughed, said “Thank you very much.” and left the stage. Welp.


And that’s my round-up of 2014. I really left out a lot of other news because there was just way too many to mention so I just went with what was at the top of my mind. 2015 looks to be a stellar year in terms of games releases and I’ll talking about that soon so stay tuned!


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