Kojima vs Konami Part 3 : Consequences

What’s next for Metal Gear and Kojima?

With Kojima leaving Konami, it marks the end of a chapter for Kojima in his career but what does it mean for fans and people who plays video games?

The Metal Gear franchise will live on

I never thought I would say this but Metal Gear as a franchise will continue without Kojima or Kojima Productions’ involvement. Konami have already begun recruiting for a team to develop the next Metal Gear game. Whether or not this will be a console MG game or mobile game still remains to be seen but Konami will continue developing Metal Gear games. As a massive fan of the franchise this saddens me. It’s an unfathomable thought that a main entry Metal Gear game will be developed without Hideo Kojima or Kojima Productions. Part of the game’s DNA is Hideo Kojima’s input and direction. Kojima’s cinematic direction and his crazy ideas have helped create some of the best gaming moments in my life. Seriously who would have thought of changing your controller port to fight a boss?

I can’t say I won’t buy another metal gear game but it will never be the same again without Kojima. One thing that many people fail to mention is what will happen to the Metal Gear movie?. Will it get canned as well? Who knows.

But the Silent Hill franchise is dead again

This is why we can’t have nice things. Words can’t describe the sheer amount of disappointment felt when Konami officially cancelled Silent Hills. This was supposed to be the grand revival of one of gaming’s most revered franchise. Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro  teaming up to create a horror game that will make you shit your pants? Even though I’m a wussy when it comes to horror, I would buy that game day one. What made this exciting was also the fact that this was the first time Kojima would be taking on the horror genre. I can only imagine all the insane ideas Kojima had up his sleeves to scare the living hell out of us but alas, we can only dream of the possibilities.

What next for Kojima?

I believe this is the question on everyone’s mind right now, where will Kojima go and what will he be doing next? Will he go independent or will he sign up with another publisher should the opportunity present itself? I doubt Kojima will turn to crowd funding such as Kickstarter for his next project because it would probably require an insane amount of funding.

There is also the possibility that he will take a break from games for awhile and pursue his other passions which might involve movies. I really hope he carries on making games because the gaming industry will be a lot less entertaining without Hideo Kojima. While it is disappointing that Kojima will never be able to work on his own creations again, it does free him up to explore and create a completely new game. A game crafted by Kojima without any creativity restrain is a really exciting thought.

While no one knows for sure now what Hideo Kojima will be doing next, I am certainly looking forward to it.

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