E3 2015 Prediction Time : Microsoft

It’s that time of the year again where everyone involved in gaming gets together to show off and trot their newest and latest. Yes it’s almost time for E3. This year I’m going to try my hand at predicting what will be shown and announced at E3. I think I’ve been fairly spot-on when it comes to E3 predictions so let’s see how well I do this year.

I’ll be listing my predictions for the big three as well as third-party publishers so first up will be Microsoft. Microsoft has been playing second fiddle to Sony since the start of this current console generation and will still likely to do so for the near future to come. That’s not to say that they haven’t done anything right. Phil Spencer taking over as head of Xbox has really helped improve the image of the Xbox One, an image which was both confusing and unfocused. Since taking over, Phil Spencer has really driven home the idea that the Xbox One is first and foremost about video games. At last year’s E3 he promised that it would only be about games and he fully delivered on that promise. While that was true, there were not a lot of games announced at Microsoft’s conference that really excited me. The only game that got me a little excited was Scalebound by Platinum games and all that was shown was a CG trailer. So here are my predictions:

  • Halo 5(Single Player Campaign), Tomb Raider, Quantum Break gameplay will be shown
  • Halo 5 bundle announced
  • Gears of War remastered officially announced
  • Scalebound playable trailer shown off
  • VR/AR will be shown off
  • The Coalition’s new game revealed

E3 will debut the first footage from Halo 5’s single player campaign

I think Microsoft’s showing will be very similar to last year; solid but nothing surprising. I’m hoping we will see Scalebound finally in playable form because I think that will be something special. The Coalition’s new game which should be a new Gears of War game will probably be the stand out game from the conference. Gears of War is one of Microsoft’s major first party game so it should be something special.

The interesting thing will be how Microsoft incorporates their VR/AR technology into games. From what I understand, Microsoft’s take on VR is a mix of both VR and AR which sets them apart from the other competition such as Oculus and Sony’s Morpheus. As of this post, there hasn’t been much of a leak which is really surprising because a lot of news tends to get leaked before E3 and that is both worrying and exciting at the same time. Worrying because there really might be nothing much in terms of reveals and surprises but exciting because any surprise will be a genuine one.

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