Introducing: Sasaki Moe

Sasaki Moe

If there’s one thing that I love equally as much as video games it would be music. In fact, I think I spend more time listening to music than playing games now, which is why being able to find new songs or music to listen to is always a joy. I primarily write about video games on this blog so this will be something different from the usual.

Sasaki Moe is a singer songwriter from Hokkaido, Japan. I found out about her when I was searching for Sakanaction live videos on Youtube and saw her cover of the song “Endless” by Sakanaction. What initially caught my eye was definitely the fact that it was a girl but what made me watch the entire video though was her tonal quality. It had a sort of depth which is rarely heard in female vocals in my opinion.

I was able to get hold of her through twitter when I sent her a tweet about that cover and back in 2013 was able to go to one of her live performances. Initial impressions was that she was still pretty rough around the edges; she sounded great but I felt that it wasn’t refined enough and still quite raw. That being said, it was still a great experience being able to meet her in person; she’s really friendly and cute in person.

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Sasaki Moe #佐々木萌

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I was fortunate enough to meet her again a year later in 2014 and it was amazing how much she has improved in such a short time. I was genuinely surprised at how good the performance was and couldn’t find any fault with it.

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And meet up complete. #佐々木萌

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She has since released two EPs titled ‘Henshin’ and ‘Party Up!’. Henshin has more of a indie pop feel to the songs whereas Party Up! is more 90s pop influenced. Henshin however contains my favourite song by her so far; “徒歩五分” which translates to “A Five Minutes Walk”. Both EPs are available on iTunes but unfortunately only on the Japan store.

She has also done several small commercial songs as well as a theme song for a popular children’s program.

In some of her live performances, she would perform a band set instead of her usual solo act and it seems that instead of having to perform a separate set she and her usual support members have decided to come together and form a band instead.

Edoga Sullivan

That band is Edoga Sullivan and they have recently just released their first EP titled “あなたに恋をする” or if translated roughly means “Falling in love with you”. The songs are still mostly under the pop genre with the 3rd track “Ringing Telephone” being my favourite. And fortunately that EP is available on the iTunes store

The band may be new but most of the members are already part of other projects and bands so they don’t sound like a band that was formed just a few months ago.

I really think she’s one to look out for because she has all the qualities required to be successful so do check her out and support her if you like!

Links to her twitter, youtube and soundcloud are listed below.




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