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GamingRumblings Music-ings Podcast #3

Episode 3 of Music-ings is here featuring music from Nier: Automata and more.

Check out the timestamps in the descriptions!


LTTP : Resident Evil 2 (It’s like Resident Evil 1 but better)

This cover really creeped me out back then.

Seeing how Resident Evil was such a hit amongst fans and critics, Capcom wasted no time in starting development for the sequel Resident Evil 2. Development started a mere month after Resident Evil’s completion and was to be directed by newcomer Hideki Kamiya and produced by the first game’s director Shinji Mikami

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Link to the Past,Present and Future(Tentative) : Resident Evil (Resident Evil 1: The beginning of a new horror)

Resident Evil

Evil Residence.

Back in March 22nd 1996, Capcom released a little known game and new IP. That game was Biohazard, better known as Resident Evil to the rest of the world. Little did Capcom know that the game would eventually become one of their mainstay franchises for years to come.

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Next Up: Things that should be coming soon

Sorry I’ve not been updating anything so far, still trying to balance work life even though when I get home now, all I do is just surf the interwebs and do nothing in general……

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